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  • Section 1: General Physiology
    1. Body Fluid: Distribution and Measurement
    2. Cell Membrane, Transport, and Membrane Potential
  • Section 2: Nerve-Muscle Physiology
    1. Physiology of Nerve
    2. Physiology of Muscle
  • Section 3: Cardiovascular System
    1. Electrophysiology of Heart
    2. Cardiac Output and Regulation
    3. Blood Pressure and Regulation
    4. Vascular System and Regional Circulation
  • Section 4: Respiratory System
    1. Mechanics of Respiration with Lung Volumes and Capacities
    2. Gaseous Exchange
    3. Regulation of Respiration and Applied Physiology
  • Section 5: Central Nervous System
    1. Sensory Physiology
    2. Motor Physiology
    3. Higher Functions and Special Senses
  • Section 6: Renal System
    1. Renal Physiology
  • Section 7: Gastrointestinal System
    1. Gastrointestinal Physiology
  • Section 8: Endocrine & Reproductive System
    1. Endocrine Physiology
    2. Male and Female Reproductive Physiology
    3. Special Topic: Exercise Physiology


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