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In this post, we have got shared an overview and download link of G K Pal physiology pdf (Comprehensive Textbook of Medical Physiology) free [Direct Link] Download. We have the latest medical e-books (MBBS, BDS, & other medical fields all years) in pdf ready for download.

G K Pal physiology pdf

Book Name:  Comprehensive Textbook of Medical Physiology online pdf free download

Edition: the latest edition

Source of PDF book: External source

Authors: Gopal Krushna Pal



Free [Direct Link] Download


Table of contents (G K Pal physiology pdf)

Volume 1

  • Section–1: General Physiology
    • Defining the Role of Physiology in Modern Medicine
    • Functional Organization of Human Body
    • Principles of Homeostasis
    • Cellular Organization and Intercellular Connections
    • Physiology of Genetics and Apoptosis
    • Transport Across the Cell Membrane
    • Membrane Potential
    • Body Fluids
  • Section–2: Blood and Immunity
  • Section–3: Nerve and Muscle
    • Part A: Nerve
    • Part B: Neuromuscular Junction
    • Part C: Muscles
  • Section–4: Autonomic Nervous System
  • Section–5: Gastrointestinal System
    • Part A: Introduction to GI System
    • Part B: GI Secretions
    • Part C: GI Motility
    • Part D: Digestion and Absorption
  • Section–6: Endocrine Physiology
  • Section–7: Reproductive System
    • Part A: General Reproductive Physiology
    • Part B: Male Reproductive Physiology
    • Part C: Female Reproductive Physiology
    • Part D: Physiology of Conception, Pregnancy, Lactation, and Contraception
  • Section–8: Renal System

Volume 2

  • Section–9: Cardiovascular System
    • Part A: General Introduction
    • Part B: Heart
    • Part C: Circulation
    • Part D: Applied and Clinical Aspects of CVS
  • Section–10: Respiratory System
  • Section–11: Neurophysiology
    • Part A: Introduction to Neurophysiology
    • Part B: The Sensory System
    • Part C: The Motor System
    • Part D: Hypothalamus, EEG and Sleep; Limbic and Higher Functions; CSF
  • Section–12: Special Senses
    • Part A: Vision
    • Part B: Hearing
    • Part C: Smell and Taste
  • Section–13: Integrative Physiology
    • Structure and Functions of the Skin
    • Regulation of Body Temperature and Acclimatization to Hot and Cold Environments
    • Physiology of Exercise and Sports Science
    • Principles of Acid-Base Homeostasis
    • Regulation of Volume, Composition, and Osmolality of Body Fluid Compartments
    • Physiology of Growth and Development
    • Physiology of Nutrition
    • Physiology of Aging and Oxidative Stress, Prevention of Aging and Physiology of Yoga


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