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Gautam Biswas-Review Of Forensic Medicine And toxicology is the concise best book in forensic medicine and toxicology. It helps to learn easily and make a short way for success in the medical field.

Gautam Biswas - Review Of Forensic Medicine And toxicology




Table of Contents


  1. Medical Jurisprudence and Ethics.
  2. Acts Related to Medical Practice.
  3. Legal Procedure.
  4. Identification I.
  5. Identification II.
  6. Medico-legal Autopsy.
  7. Autopsy Room Hazards.
  8. Thanatology.
  9. Signs of Death.
  10. Asphyxia.
  11. Injuries.
  12. Firearm Injuries.
  13. Regional Injuries.
  14. Thermal Injuries.
  15. Transportation Injuries.
  16. Explosion Injuries & Fall from Height.
  17. Medico-legal Aspects of Injuries.
  18. Decompression, Radiation & Altitude Sickness.
  19. Starvation Deaths.
  20. Anesthetic Deaths.
  21. Infanticide and Child Abuse.
  22. Abortion.
  23. Impotence and Sterility.
  24. Virginity, Pregnancy, and Delivery.
  25. Sexual Offences I.
  26. Sexual Offences II.
  27. Sexual Offences III.
  28. Postmortem Artifacts.
  29. Forensic Psychiatry.
  30. Bloodstain Analysis.
  31. Seminal Stains & Other Biological Samples.
  32. DNA Fingerprinting.
  33. Torture and Custodial Deaths.
  34. Medico-legal Aspects of HIV.
  35. Newer Techniques and Recent Advances.


  1. General Toxicology.
  2. Corrosive Poisons.
  3. Inorganic Metallic Irritants-Arsenic.
  4. Inorganic Metallic Irritants-Mercury.
  5. Inorganic Metallic Irritants-Lead.
  6. Inorganic Metallic Irritants-Copper.
  7. Inorganic Metallic Irritants-Thallium.
  8. Other Inorganic Metallic Irritants.
  9. Non-Metallic and Mechanical Irritants.
  10. Organic Irritants—Plant.
  11. Organic Irritants—Animal.
  12. Somniferous Poisons (Narcotic Poisons).
  13. Inebriants—Alcohol.
  14. Sedative-hypnotic—Barbiturates.
  15. Deliriants—Dhatura/Datura.
  16. Deliriants—Cannabis.
  17. Deliriants—Cocaine.
  18. Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Poisons.
  19. Cardiac Poisons.
  20. Hydrocyanic Acid.
  21. Asphyxiants.
  22. War Gases and Biological Weapons.
  23. Agricultural Poisons.
  24. Alphos (Aluminum Phosphide).
  25. Medicinal Poisons.
  26. Drug Dependence and Date Rape Drugs.
  27. Kerosene Oil Poisoning.
  28. Food poisoning.

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