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Book Name: DC Dutta’s textbook of Gynecology including Contraception online free pdf download ebook

Edition: Eighth edition

Source of PDF e-book: External source

Written by:  DC Dutta, Hiralal Konar

Publication: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd




Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Anatomy of the Female Pelvic Organs
  • Chapter 2: Blood Vessels (BC), Lymphatic Drainage & Innervation of Pelvic Organs in the body
  • Chapter 3: Development of Genital Organs and Gonads
  • Chapter 4: Congenital Malformation of Female Genital Organs
  • Chapter 5: Puberty Normal and Abnormal
  • Chapter 6: Menopause
  • Chapter 7: Neuroendocrinology in Relation to Reproduction — Dr. B N Chakravorty
  • Chapter 8: Menstruation — Dr. B N Chakravorty
  • Chapter 9: Examination of a Gynecological Patient
  • Chapter 10: Pelvic Infection
  • Chapter 11: Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Chapter 12: Infections involved in the Individual Pelvic Organs
  • Chapter 13: Dysmenorrhea & Other Disorders or abnormalities of Menstrual Cycles
  • Chapter 14: Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
  • Chapter 15: Displacement of the Uterus
  • Chapter 16: Infertility — Dr. B N Chakravorty
  • Chapter 17: Benign Lesions of the Vulva area & Vagina
  • Chapter 18: Benign Lesions of the Cervix
  • Chapter 19: Benign Lesions of the Uterus
  • Chapter 20: Benign Lesions of the Ovary
  • Chapter 21: Endometriosis and Adenomyosis
  • Chapter 22: Premalignant Lesions
  • Chapter 23: Genital Malignancy
  • Chapter 24: Urinary Problems in Gynecology
  • Chapter 25: Genital Fistulae
  • Chapter 26: Genital Tract Injuries
  • Chapter 27: Intersex — Dr. B N Chakravorty
  • Chapter 28: Amenorrhea — Dr. K M Gun
  • Chapter 29: Contraception
  • Chapter 30: Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy & Gene therapy in Gynecology in women
  • Chapter 31: Hormones in Gynecological Practice — Dr. B N Chakravorty
  • Chapter 32: Gynecologic Problems or abnormalities from Birth to Adolescence
  • Chapter 33: Special Topics
    • Abnormal Vaginal Discharge.
    • Pruritus Vulvae
    • Pelvic Pain
    • Postmenopausal Bleeding
    • Low Backache
    • Breast in Gynecology
    • Breast carcinoma
    • Psychosexual Problems
    • Vaginismus
    • Dyspareunia
    • Abdominal-Pelvic Lump
    • Adnexal Mass
    • Hirsutism
    • Galactorrhea
  • Chapter 34: Operative Gynecology
  • Index

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